Hey Followers (and others) IT’S A GIVEAWAY!!

Alright, I’m not at any real big or important follower mark, but I mean let’s be optimistic I’m at 1/4 of 100 SO THERE. It’s time for a rather pointless giveaway!! Here’s what you’ll get if you win:

First Prize:

  • A plush doll made by me, no limits on amount of colours or what you ask for (also, you could opt for a ‘set’ like the Pacman/Ghost set above)
  • Some random food stuff because I have a lot!
  • A letter from me OR if you don’t care about a letter from me (which I doubt many people will) I will write you a letter from one of your favourite characters, any fandom, even if I’m not part of it!
  • Probably some other random stuff that I’ll just throw in

Second Prize:

  • Plush doll made by me, no more than three colours
  • A letter from me OR a favourite character, any fandom
  • Probably some random stuff

Third Prize:

  • Plush doll made by me, no more than two colours
  • Probably some random stuff

Details on Prizes:

Plush Dolls: Admittedly the cat plush doll up there is NOT THE BEST and I am not saying these are the greatest quality, but see that picture of me with all the felt and stuffing? YEAH THAT NEEDS TO GO. So…I will make plush dolls for some three questionably lucky people! Of anything you want! Seriously ask for whatever, fandom related, something from your imagination, WHATEVER.  Reference would be nice though, but is not needed.

Letters: I am an English major so I promise you my writing is pretty good actually! So either let me write you a letter, probably telling you how awesome you are, or have me write as one of your favourite characters.  It doesn’t need to be a character from a fandom I’m in, but just know if I’m in the fandom I’ll probably write it better (doesn’t mean I won’t try my best on any character you ask for!).

Food Stuff: Okay I just have a lot of food here, and I love it yeah, but I want to be nice and send some of it away.  There’s Easy Mac, goldfish bags, and I’m sending someone this Cheddar Broccoli rice because I don’t like that flavour.

Random stuff: I’m sayingprobably because I don’t know what I’m going to throw in. I just know myself and know that some random stuff will probably find it’s way into these packages.


  • You don’t need to follow me
  • You can reblog as much as you like
  • You don’t have to like this post but you can
  • Giveaway ends November18th at 11:59pm, winners announced probably aroundnoon on November 19th(they’ll be picked by a random number generator, blah blah blah you know the drill)
  • Must have your askbox open and willing to give me your addresss

Expect to receive stuff sometime towards the end of November/beginning of December depending on how long it takes to make the plush dolls.  I will be giving status updates to winners on their prizes!

ALSO for those of you wondering what my fandoms are I will be tagging them in this post (as many as I can, if you’re not sure just ask about a fandom and I’ll tell you whether I am in it or not), and if it’s tagged that means I’ll know how about it should you want a plush made from that fandom or a letter written from that fandom.

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